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We focus on shorter-term loans which require fast execution and flexible terms, with an emphasis on income-producing real estate such as multi-residential, office and retail properties. Our clients typically use these loans for a period of up to five years to cover the costs of capital improvements, property redevelopment or as bridge financing. Larger financial institutions typically cannot provide the structure that our borrowers require, nor the quick deployment of capital.


Timbercreek Customized Mortgages – Highlights

Financing Types Bridge, Repositioning/Value-Add, Acquisition, Refinancings
Position 1st Mortgages
Rate E+600-800 bps (1st mortgages)
Fee 1.00% - 1.50%
Loan-to-Value 60% - 75%
Loan Size €5 - €50 million (single asset loans and portfolios)
Loan Term 2-3 years, with extension options (maximum 5 years)
Asset Types Primarily income-producing commercial assets across all major asset classes
Payment Terms Interest Only, Flexible Structure and Repayment Options, Floating Rate, Amortizing or Interest Only

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